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The Initial Assessment

The initial appointment will involve getting to know you and understanding symptoms that may be affecting your quality of life. Common symptoms include forgetfulness, impaired attention, difficulties finding the right words when speaking and problems performing one's usual activities at work or at home. An accurate account of how these symptoms have developed over time is important and collateral information from a family member or someone else who knows you will be helpful.

Information about your support network will be useful especially if you have noticed difficulties affecting aspects of your daily activities. We will ensure a comprehensive review of your medical, psychiatric history and medication as there are many other conditions that can exacerbate cognitive problems or even mimic dementia.

The initial assessment will inform us if further tests are required which may include neuropsychological testing, blood tests and neuroimaging. You will receive a copy of this report which will be helpful as a baseline if future assessments are required to determine if there is a decline in brain functioning over a period of time. We also encourage you to share your report with your GP to ensure continuity of care.