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At Dementia Specialists we focus on providing a personalised service and every patient we see is assessed and reviewed by a Consultant Psychiatrist. Dementia affects brain performance over time and this can affect one's lifestyle and those living with them. It is therefore important to understand how dementia affects mood, personality and behaviour.

Identifying the underlying cause of the change is crucial as it will help determine if another way of interacting and supporting a person with dementia is the solution or whether there are treatable symptoms like anxiety, depression, delusions, hallucinations or even an infection that needs addressing.

The carer's role is crucial and carers benefit from understanding the contributing factors to the changes in their relationship. Guilt, anger and frustration is common. Every individual with dementia is different due to a combination of varied lifestyle experiences, their environment and changes within the brain. This is why we believe that continuity of care is important and at Dementia Specialists every patient and their carer is seen by the same consultant every time.